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July| Summer, Lobster, Wines and Festivals

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We all got very excited with those 2 weeks of beautiful weather at the end of June, start of July. Unfortunately it all seems a bit wet and miserable again, fear not! Asador is at hand to provide you with the perfect Summer BBQ experience rain or shine..!

Here is a glimpse of what is coming up over the next month at ASADOR.


Summer menu change

 It is time to refresh our menus yet again to stay true to using the best seasonal produce we can lay our hands on. Don’t worry the old favourites will not be touched. Here are some of the dishes we will be introducing this month..

BBQ Scallop Skewer , Cauliflower Puree , Apple and Fennel Salad

Chargrilled Asparagus, Crispy Hens Egg, Ardrahan Cheese Fondue

Seared ASADOR Tuna Steak, Warm Nicoise Salad.

BBQ Lemon & Thyme Spatchcock Chicken, Sarladaise Potato, Wilted Spinach, Sauce Vierge.

10oz Onglet Steak

14oz Striploin on the Bone

Both Served with Overnight Tomatoes, Rocket & Parmesan Salad or ASADOR Fries.

Keep an eye out for our specials on Facebook and Twitter, as Lobster is in season we will have on whenever they are an acceptable quality and size, magic on the BBQ!!


BBQ Marinated Peach, Pecan Honey, Yoghurt Sorbet & Shortbread.

Orange and Chocolate Pave, Hazelnuts, Orange Sorbet


New Wine List.

We have been listening to our customers and looking at the best ASADOR wine and food experience possible. It is to this end that we have decided to completely overhaul our wine list. You can now expect to find and extensive range of interesting wines from Spain, Portugal, France and Italy along with some new world gems. Most importantly these wines are great value. We are adding over 20 new wines to our list! New list will be live from Thursday 23rd of July. We have unearthed some beautiful wines made for barbecued food – Come and try them! 


ASADOR & The Big Grill.

It is that time of year again – BBQ festival in Herbert Park, Dublin 4. We are delighted to be attending the Big Grill 2015 which promises to be bigger and better than the huge success that was TBG 2014. There is an extra day this year with doors opening on Thursday 13th August. The BBQ and craft beer festival will run until Sunday 16th August. We will be cooking with Argentinian ‘Estacas’ which are effectively structures to fix whole joints to. We then slow cook over the coals for a phenomenal BBQ taste.

 These are the dishes we have chosen for the Big Grill 2015.

From the Estaca –

Black Face Lamb (served with minted yoghurt) €8

Beef Short Rib (served with Chimichurri) €7

Pork Belly & Crackling (with Romesco Sauce) €5

Choripan, Traditional Argentinian Sausage Sandwich, Salsa Creola €6

The ASADOR Burger, Caramelised Onions, Spicy Jerk Mayo, Aged Cheddar €10


Barbecuing at Home? Here are our top tips.

Everyone likes to think of themselves as a bit of a BBQ master and grill expert at this time of year. It is, however, easy to make a mess of that perfect summer evening by serving up tough steaks and burnt sausages (remember what we all grew up with??!). Here are some of our top tips to ensure you won’t be disappointed! (Read More)

1). Use your local butcher.

Increasingly people are choosing to do their weekly shop in some of the large multiples while leaving their meat purchase to their local butcher. Your local butcher is on hand to offer advice on cuts, quality and even cooking methods. Make sure you ask about the ‘ageing’ of the meat and how long it has been hung for. Dry aged steaks, for example, have a much richer flavour than steaks with little or no ageing. 21 days dry-aged is the minimum you should be looking for the prime cuts (fillet, rib-eye etc.) while 28 days plus is preferable for tougher cuts of meat.

2). Don’t always buy prime cuts of meat.

Some of the most flavoursome beef can be found in the tougher cuts such as rump, onglet, bavette, and picanha. These meats will be slightly tougher than your standard fillet, sirloin and rib-eye steaks, but they pack loads of flavour and are significantly cheaper. With the right cooking methods and a little care they can be just as good if not better.

3). Marinades.

A good marinade will help to tenderise your meat and add loads of flavour. Marinades have also been proven as reducing some of the carcinogens present in well done meats. Rosemary, garlic, thyme, sherry vinegar, peppercorns and olive oil combine to make a classic marinade that works really well with barbecued meats.

4). Cooking Methods.

Not all cuts of meat should be treated equally when introduced to the barbecue; a short rib needs a slow roast over a medium to low charcoal. Fillet and Rib-Eye need a nice crust (Maillard reaction) and as such should be seared over a high heat.

5). Resting.

Perhaps the most overlooked thing when cooking meats is the amount of time they need to rest before reaching optimum condition to serve. When meat comes off your barbecue it is tough and all the fibres need time to relax. By resting you allow the meat to tenderise and settle into that delicious, succulent steak you have been dreaming about all day. As a rule of thumb you should rest smaller cuts for at least as long as they were cooking for. For larger joints you should rest for 15-20 minutes, loosely covered under aluminium foil.

ASADOR and ‘The Best of Dublin’ List 2015

We are delighted to be included in The Hot Press ‘Best of Dublin’ list for 2015. We have also been reviewed by The and we are on the July cover of Food and Wine magazine and we have been nominated as ‘Best Restaurant’ by Food & Wine readers (please vote and support us!). 

ASADOR Vouchers and Bookings.

You can now buy the perfect gift of an ASADOR voucher on our new website. These are presented in a beautiful envelope and sent free of charge to the lucky recipient. Booking a table in ASADOR has never been as easy either though our booking form on the website. 

You can book a table here


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