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Corporate/DMC Bookings

At ASADOR we are very customer focused and have a real understanding of the nuances of serving large groups. There are subtle differences from ‘regular’ restaurant service and catering for large parties. Whether it is a company outing, client entertainment or Destination Management Company (DMC) group, our team is on hand to meet your needs.

This area of our business has grown exponentially over our first 3 years and we have already forged strong relationships with many local businesses and DMC’s.

"it's got a corporate, grown up feel to it, Asador is impressive."

− - Catherine Cleary, The Irish Times

"If a job is worth doing its worth doing well, and you'll get that in spades at Asador"

− Ross Golden Bannon

"This is barbecue but not as you know it. You have the opportunity to watch the chefs add to the excitement. The best of Irish produce is guaranteed… go to look and to savour”"

− IMAGE Magazine

"Having eaten here before, the only thing I wanted for the main event was a king-size portion of the baby back ribs… I got what I wanted– sticky, succulent, melt-in-the-mouth carnival"

− Ernie Whalley - The Sunday Times

" With an open kitchen at the end of the L shaped room, you can see the chefs working on the 7ft Asador grill suspended over fires of oak, apple and lump wood charcoal."

− Lucinda O Sullivan


In our experience the key word for all group bookings is ‘trust’. The last thing one needs when bringing a large group into a restaurant is to worry about food quality, service, value for money and atmosphere. We work very hard to ensure we deliver a consistent and professional service time and again. We are delighted that the food critics of Dublin agree with us and as you can see below we have been fortunate enough to receive several glowing reviews from the media. We don’t dwell on this however, and we are aware that a true relationship is built by keeping standards at the highest level.

What you can expect from ASADOR is great food, a great welcome, warmth of service throughout and an experience that all your guests will thank you for.

Budgets & Menus

At ASADOR we have a range of menus to suit most budgets. Having said that we understand not every group is the same. If you have any particular requirements, whether it is budgetary or dietary, please contact our reservations team at or on +353 1 254 5353 and we would be delighted to tailor our offering to suit your needs. We can scale up or scale down our menus and even source specific menu items if we are provided with sufficient notice.

We are here to remove stress from you so please don’t be shy about asking!